Pet Insurance

Dr. Meneo and the staff of PMVS understand that pet insurance is quickly becoming an important part of practicing best medicine. We also understand that the idea of pet insurance can be confusing and sometimes scary. Pet insurance, in general, is coverage for veterinary bills that result from unexpected accidents or illnesses.

At PMVS, we stand behind Trupanion Medical Coverage for cats and dogs. Our second (but still excellent) choice is Pet Plan . As there are many companies, we encourage you to do your research, but be sure you are asking the right questions!

  • Is the policy and all information simple and easy to understand?
  • What will be covered in my time of need?
  • What percentage does the company pay out? Is this based directly off the veterinarian’s bill or a fee schedule?
  • Are conditions diagnosed one year considered pre-existing the next?
  • Is wellness covered? *Typically we recommend that you do NOT choose a plan that covers wellness care as this will greatly decrease your coverage when a true illness injury occurs. Also, in the end you may be paying more to a third party pet insurance company than you would out-of-pocket to cover wellness care.*

PMVS offers Trupanion certificates as a gift with your office visit (we receive no benefit from this). These certificates give your pet immediate, full Trupanion coverage for 30 days with absolutely no strings attached. We want you to take comfort knowing your pet is covered – our reason for recommending pet insurance.

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